Quiz 7 [Tutorial 17]

Logical System

Quiz 7.

6/19/09 10Software

Quiz 7 Applet

The later parts of this can be quite difficult, so it is configured in such a way that the bulk of the work and marks are on intermediate level material. [There is a small quantity of the more challenging material to engage the advanced students.]

Your browser is not displaying the Deriver applet. Try downloading Deriver itself by clicking on the link elsewhere on the page.


Copying and pasting the Confirmation Code

Almost all browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. on both Macintosh and Windows machines) support this directly. You just select (highlight) what you want to copy, then command-C, clover-leaf-C, or use Copy off the Edit Menu, and away you go. However, Firefox on the Macintosh does not support it directly. Instead it supports 'drag and drop'. For this you highlight what you want to copy, then mouse down in the middle of it (holding the mouse press), then drag it wherever you want it to go, then release it. This action is exactly the same as the very familiar dragging a file or icon around on your desktop or elsewhere.

[What all this is about is that the browsers are trying to protect the security of your machine. What is on your system clipboard is what you last copied (which might be your social security number, had you been working on a different program immediately prior to this). So the browsers won't let applets access the clipboard. But, then, without such access, cutting and pasting from applets themselves gets tricky.]

Safety Net

If none of the above copying and pasting seems to work. Press the button and copy and paste from here (it will work from here)