2. Basic Modal Propositional Logic martin Tue, 10/07/2008 - 14:24
Logical System

10/3/08 10 Software, under construction.

K Modal Trees

Close the following trees using S5. Then go to the Rule Set Menu and change the rules to K, then try to close the trees a second time.

1 Propositional Logic martin Sun, 10/05/2008 - 11:11
Logical System

10/3/08 10 Software  under construction.

Propositional Logic

a) P⊃ Q, R⊃ Q ∴ (P∨ R)⊃ Q

b) P⊃ (Q∧R), ¬R ∴ ¬P

c) ∴ ((P⊃ Q)⊃ Q)⊃ Q

d) ∴ ((P⊃ Q)∧ (¬P⊃ Q))⊃ ¬P

Non-Classical Logic [under construction] martin Sun, 10/05/2008 - 02:01
Logical System

12/31/09 10 Software under construction.

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