Propositional Exercises: Roll your own

Logical System

7/26/08 10 Software


R.C.Jeffrey, [1967] Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits Chapter 


Jeffrey [1967] has a number of exercises. Many of them you will be able to do in the Applet below.

Here are a few hints

  • You have to use the right (unicode/html) logical symbols. Check Writing symbols
  • The symbols in use here are ¬ & ∨ → ↔ (so copy and paste or drag and drop these).
  • When entering from a selection, the software will take a single formula (say, A) or a comma separated list of formulas (say, A,B,C) or a possibly empty comma separated list of formulas followed by ∴ and another formula (say, A,B,C ∴ D). In the last case it will load the negation of the conclusion.
  • Just type, cut and paste, or drag and drop, whatever you wish, into the lower text box. Then make a selection and hit the Start button.


Exercise: Roll your own

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