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Tutorial 23: The semantics of relations admin Sat, 01/11/2014 - 01:50
Logical System

The Tutorial

The semantics of relations proceeds in much the way one would expect-- the new item that has to be taken account of is the order of the terms (because, for example, Tab is not at all the same thing as Tba -- Arthur being taller than Beryl is not the same as Beryl being taller than Arthur).

Let us start with an Interpretation

Interpretation 1

Universe= {a,b}

Help with the semantics of free variables


Introduction to Free Variables

This video illustrates use of the downloadable application (and the symbol ∧ for 'and' and (∀x) for the universal quantifier, some systems use (x) for this). But, what the film depicts and explains is equally good if you happen to be using the web pages applets (or different symbols for 'and' and the universal quantifier).

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Tutorial 14: Some Terminology for the Semantics of Predicate Logic

Logical System

The Tutorial

A few concepts are needed give a simple portrayal of the truth and falsity of predicate logic formulas.

There is the notion of an Interpretation which consists of a Universe together with an account of how the various symbols in the predicate logic formulas apply in this Universe.

There should be a Universe, which is the collection of the objects that the formulas is about. We write, for example,

Universe = {a,b,c}

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Logical System

There are many valid arguments which cannot be shown to be valid using sentential logic alone. For example,

Beryl is a philosopher.
All philosophers are wise.
Beryl is wise.