Sentential Logic: Try your own derivations

Logical System

Roll your own derivations


You may have derivations of your own that you wish to try. Just type, paste, or drag and drop, them into the panel, select your derivation, and click 'Start from selection'.

[Often copy-and-paste won't work directly from a Web Page; however, usually drag-and-drop will work!]

You will need to use the correct logical symbols. Here they are

F ∴ F & G ∼ & ∨ ⊃ ≡ ∀ ∃ ∴

And the right syntax (the premises separated by commas and then a 'therefore' followed by the conclusion).

So, a selection needs to have a form similar to this


If you are planning to do a large number of your own exercises, you might find them easier to do in the Deriver Web Application, see Exercises for Easy Deriver using the Deriver Web Application.


If you decide to use the web application for the exercises you can launch it from here Deriver[Bergmann]  — username 'logic' password 'logic'. Then either copy and paste the above formulas into the Journal or use the Deriver File Menu to Open Web Page with this address . 


You may need to set some Preferences for this.

  • you can check that the parser is set to bergmann.