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Logical System

Roll your own derivations

6/21/07 10 Software

You may have derivations of your own that you wish to try. Just type, paste, or drag and drop, them into the panel, select your derivation, and click 'Start from selection'.

[Often copy-and-paste won't work directly from a Web Page; however, usually drag-and-drop will work!]

You will need to use the correct logical symbols. Here they are

F ∴ F . G ∼ ∧ ∨ ⊃ ≡ ∃ ∴

Easy Deriver [Copi]

Logical System


These web pages provide an introduction to logic to the level of Propositional and Predicate Calculus.

The focus of the program is on arguments and the question of whether they are valid. Arguments have the form <list of premises> ∴<conclusion>. An argument is valid if and only if it is not possible for all its premises to be true and its conclusion false at one and the same time; an argument which is not valid is invalid.