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Exercises to accompany Predicate Tutorial 3

The Interpretation in Predex3 should show an Interpretation like this


if it does not, just draw a similar one

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Exercise 3 (of 3)

Exercise to accompany Identity Tutorial 1.

The Palette in the Interpretations Panel has a couple of extra items in it.


The one at the very bottom has a small letter, a constant, in it. This is for inserting aliases, choose it, click on the diagram, and you will be guided. What will be drawn is essentially an arrow, with its head inside an individual that is already in the Universe. Say the individual in the Universe is 'a', the arrow will have a label on it, say 'b'; and drawing this arrow into 'a' signifies that 'a' also has the alias 'b'. And the Interpretation shown in the Interpretation board will be changed to reflect the state of the diagram. [These aliases are what might be called zero-ary functors. They are like functions or functors and thus have name, say 'b', and they also have a value, say 'a', but they do not have or need an argument.]

The Interpretation for this exercise needs to show an Interpretation similar to this


If it does not, draw a similar one yourself.

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