The Modal Truth Table Widget




Rod Girle [2000] Modal Logics and Philosophy Chapter 2

You can make a reasonable start here by thinking about how truth tables might work once there are the modal operators, necessary □ and possible ◊.

To remind ourselves, ordinary truth tables are filled out as follows. [What we are doing here is taking a random ordinary propositional formula, say ~A⊃B then valuing the atomic propositions in it to get, perhaps,  ~True⊃False which is abbreviated ~T⊃F and then you are being asked to fill out the values for the connectives, in this case you will get FTTF.]

Truth Table Widget [Single Line]



Modal 'Truth Table Widget' [Single Line]

The widget itself produces atomic truth-values at random. You yourself choose which worlds have access to which other worlds by toggling the 'switches/checkmarks'.