Tutorial 12: Symbolizing propositions using predicate logic (continued)

Logical System


In predicate logic, many different styles of expression in English get cast into the same 'property-is-had-by-entity' form. For example,

Beryl is wise. (ie adjective)
Beryl runs. (ie verb)
Beryl is a philosopher. (ie noun)

might be symbolized Wb, Rb, and Pb, respectively.

Exercises to accompany Predicate Tutorial 2

Exercise 1 (of 3):

Exercise 2 (of 3):

Exercise 3 (of 3):

If you decide to use the web application for the exercises you can launch it from here Deriver [Gentzen] — username 'logic' password 'logic'. Then either copy and paste the above formulas into the Journal or use the Deriver File Menu to Open Web Page with this address https://softoption.us/test/easyDeriver/CombinedExercisesEasyDGentzen.html . 


You may need to set some Preferences for this.

  • you can check that the parser is set to gentzen.