Review of New Material

Logical System


A start can be made in predicate logic by taking apart 'atomic' propositions and by re-phrasing what they have to say in a 'entity-has-property' way.

The constant terms a,b,c...h are used to denote entities, the predicates A,B,C...Z are used to denote properties that these entities have, and these are put together by writing the predicate first followed by the term, for example Gb.

This techique of symbolization often may be used with English nouns, with English verbs, or with English adjectives (for example, with 'George is a runner', with 'George runs', and with 'George is running').

The propositional logical connectives can be used to extend the basic symbolization; for example, 'George runs and George is happy' might be symbolized Rg∧Hg.